Introduction to the development site

Welcome to the development site for the new Kahal B'raira website!

This site is built using Drupal, specifically version 6 thereof.  For more information, please see

At present, this site just holds content and (some) functionality.  As development proceeds, it will look nicer and nicer, and functionality will be added and improved.

In the meantime, however, you can edit the content of the pages that are up.  You can even add new pages.   But to do so, you will need a user account with the requisite privileges.  Please contact us for an account--all we really need is your email address.



Calendar update

I have put a link on the calendar page to the alternative, standard calendar view of events, which itself has year/month/week/day views (defaults to month).

I have not fiddled with the defaults here, but one of the options that may be attractive is to set up categories of events and color-code them.

Calendar and Member Directory

Have now been created.  They're not pretty, but they work.

In connection with this effort, any member who has a login can edit his or her own "Member Information" at will.  The editing form is ugly, and will get better, but comments about what is being recorded and how would be much appreciated.  Please give it a whirl.

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