Questions/Answers from 9/23 site map

From the 9/23 draft of the KB Web Site Map

Questions for Tech-Tamer:

  1. In addition to members only pages, have different content on some pages if you are logged in? (i.e., membership list has contact info, photos have names, yorsheit listings)
    1. ANSWER:  Generally, yes.  Discrete types of information can be put in blocks visible only to signed-in users (or to signed-in users in category x).  Some, more detailed control may be more difficult.  
    2. Do you want your membership list to be public?
    3. What public content would the yorsheit listings be with?
  2. Can members manage their membership/contact info?
    1. You bet.
  3. Where should the members login go?
    1. More a question for Maureen, but I would think a link on every page, probably in the footer, would be appropriate.  Perhaps also on the Membership page.
  4. We’d like e-mail addresses to be hidden.
    1. Which?  For the members?  Or the contact email for the congregation? 
  5. Can we interface donating/tributes & memorials directly with paypal so user doesn’t see paypal?
    1. No.  To pay by PayPal you have to end up on their site in some manner.  May be possible to make this a pop-up window so that your site remains visible in the background. Options will depend to some extent on whether you have a paid or free account with PayPal.
  6. Where to put yorsheit listings (design q.) and can members maintain?
    1. Need to understand functional requirements better.  What information does a yorsheit listing contain?  How are they organized?
  7. Will you do search optimization?
    1. We are building a site that incorporates best practices for search optimization-i.e. making it easy for search engines to crawl the site and work out what content is important.  We can register your site directly with Google/Yahoo/Bing.  Other than that, good search ranking depends on having good content.
  8. Accessibility? Smart phones?
    1. We are using the Zen master theme, which strives to implement best practices for accessibility out of the box:
    2. Short answer: depends on the smart phone.  Longer answer: we will work toward making the site as useful as possible on smart phones, but this is an evolving area...
  9. Calendar—list, not month view; member vs. non-member (Dorshei Tdedek)
    1. Understand the list view point.
    2. Can you help us understand how the member view would be different?