How to create a new user account

  1. Sign in (to an account with "staff" or "site admin" privileges).
  2. Go to Add User
  3. Enter username -- can be anything, but default is first initial last name (e.g. TRiley)
  4. Enter email address.
  5. Enter a (temporary) password.
  6. Status should be "active."
  7. Role should be "authenticated user" for normal members; "staff" for anyone who will be editing pages; and "site admin" for anyone who will actually be working on website maintenance.
  8. Check the box entitled "Notify user of new account"
  9. Enter first name, last name, and however much of the remaining info as you want to fill in.  You probably want to enter the email address again here, but this not strictly necessary.
  10. Hit "Create new account"
  11. On refresh, the page should say that the user has been created and that an email has been sent to the new user.  The email will include instructions to the user on how to reset his or her password.
  12. If you forget to check "Notify user of new account", go to the list of users, block the new user and then unblock him or her--the "unblock" action should trigger an email with substantially the same content as the "new user" email.