Kahal B’raira means “Community of Choice.” Our name emphasizes our belief that we are responsible for our choices and answer to one another and ourselves.

Kahal B’raira Offers:

  • A congregation that supports the beliefs and commitments of Humanistic Judaism.
  • A place that welcomes all who identify with the history, culture and fate of the Jewish people.
  • A place to celebrate the joyous life cycle events of birth, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and marriage and find support during times of hardship, illness, and loss.
  • Meaningful experiences of culture, celebration, education and community life.

All About Kahal B’raira

Kahal B’raira is a dynamic, warm, welcoming community including:

We hold Sunday School and adult meetings 15 times per school year.  The adult meetings take place during Sunday School hours and include social time, a Humanistic Jewish service, and an educational program.

See our calendar for specific dates and times.

Steve Greer, Co-President

Photo of Sara

Bio of Sara

Ryan Katofsky, Co-President



Sara Laschever, Past President
Tim Riley, Past President
Cathy Cabrera, Treasurer
Lore Kantrowitz, Secretary
Ellen Forman, Holiday Coordinator
Allison Caplin, Sunday School Committee Co-Chair
Lee Feigenbaum, Sunday School Committee Co-Chair
Roberta Bauer, Member at Large
Dave Ross, Member at Large
Cara Seiderman, Member at Large
Jon Levine, Delegate to Society for Humanistic Judaism
Gladys Maged, Administrator



Rachel Schoenfeld, Education Director



Ruth Smolash, B'nai Mitzvah (Bar-Bat Mitzvah) Coordinator

Zach Mayer, Music Director
Sophia Brion Meisels, Youth Group Coordinator
Kahal B’raira has flourished since its humble beginnings in September of 1975.

Here is a short timeline of the congregation:

1975 Rabbi Sherwin Wine, founder of the Society for Humanistic Judaism, asks Barbara and Seymour (Sy) Schnuer to organize a congregation in Boston.On September 19th, the first meeting is held.
1978 The first Humanistic High Holiday service  and Chanukah celebration take place in Boston.
1979 The Sunday school is started.
1980 The name “Community of Choice” is chosen and translated into Hebrew: Kahal B’raira (KB).
1984 Congregation celebrates its first Bar Mitzvah, that of Daniel Dain.
1986 Steven & Linda Brion-Meisels chair the Sunday School Committee and serve as first Principals.
1989 First KB graduates teach Sunday School: Evonne Wetzner & Josh Dodes.
1999 100 families are in the congregation.
2003 KB hires Gladys Maged as administrative facilitator.
2006 KB hosts the Society for Humanistic Judaism Conference and (a year late) celebrates its 30thanniversary
2007 KB moves to Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge.