February 13, 2022 @ 9:30 am – 12:15 pm
via Zoom

Joanie Block has been part of Boston’s vibrant dance community for over 30 years. As the founder and artistic director of SelmaDanse, her works frequently address Jewish themes. In a rare live performance at KB, Block, along with KB member/dancer Melinda Rothstein and Julie Leavitt will deliver her most recent creation.

Block explains her inspiration for the dance:

My husband died in November, and I watched the memorial candle flicker out as the Chanukah candles were being lit. At that moment I thought to myself, The light and the dark are never far from each other.

Rabbi Yitzhak Shemuel Reggio, a 19th century Italian Torah commentator, considered the Plague of Darkness that fell upon the Egyptian pharaoh and his followers, a darkness that symbolized a need to re-examine one’s opinions, assumptions, and behaviors. A darkness that can propel us all toward the light of a more humane world.

Living through New England winters, many of us brace ourselves through the literal and figurative darkness that seeps into our psyches as we await the returning light. Dance, which is filled with our collective stories, challenges us to re-examine our opinions, assumptions, and behaviors, by providing us with a fresh perception of the relationship between these seemingly antithetical forces.

9:30 – Schmooze/Mifgash, outside
10:00 – Announcements
10:10 – Candle Lighting and Service
-short break-
11:00 – Program by Joanie Block dancers
12:00 – Optional: Stay For an Extra 15 Min of Q&A
12:15 – End

Community Gatherings will be hybrid, with in-person and streaming options. For more information, please email Lidia at info@kahalbraira.org.